Christina A - Anaheim, CA
26 January 2015

"I signed up with to get help relocating. They found me listings and quickly. I was hearing from them every day and getting emails of listings for me to look at as well. I had a sort of tough search too, because I just relocated here and though I have plenty to cover the lease, I don't have proof of income yet. found listings for me that would accept these qualifications and this type of application. When I have to move again, I will be using "

Celeste F - Los Angeles, CA
23 January 2015

"When I signed up with I need help finding a place fast. They were very helpful with sending listings of what I wanted to see right away and their turn around time was excellent. I was able to quickly find what I was looking for and get approved. "

Bette J E - Bellflower , CA
15 January 2014

"I signed up with to get help finding a place for my son in Long Beach. They sent us listings and one of them referred us to a one bedroom apartment that worked out for us. service literally plugged in our criteria and sent us listings customized to that. I really needed the help since I am so remotely located from my son and busy at work. I will definitely be using them again when I move. "

Sparkle N - Chicago, IL
30 December 2014

"I had help me find a temporary place before the new year and they came through for me. The best thing about the service was getting listings sent almost every other day and appointments made for me. Getting this temporary rental will allow me to work with in the new year to find a permanent place. They have really been great in helping me through this process and I look forward to working with them again in the new year. "

Katherine G - Danville, CA
23 December 2014

"I put in my search criteria with and they found matches for me and sent me listings right away. The biggest help was they made appointments for me to go view the apartments. I was able to find a place very quickly because of this help during my very busy day. I would say great help and great service."

Sophie H - UK
2 December 2014

"We came to the States from UK and used to help us find a place. They researched options for us and sent them to us in such a way in UK, that we could actually tell what they were and if we would like the places or not. This took a lot of stress off of us during this major transition in our lives and was absolutely brilliant service. Highly Recommended!"

Duraid A - Asia
1 December 2014

"I am moving to the States from out of the country, got all the listings and contacts for me and helped familiarize me with the area I needed to move to. The support was tremendous. I got listings every day and they made many appointments for me with directions on how to find the apartments I was going to see. I have already recommended them to a friend."

Yotzi B - Los Angeles, CA
13 November 2014

"I absolutely thought the service from was wonderful. I had joined Westside Rentals and that was a waste of money. I needed what does, they found listings for me using my criteria and made appointments for me. I loved that they always checked up on me to ensure I got the listings and see if I wanted to go visit any of them. I have already recommended their service to friends. I am very busy and don't have much time to search the web for listings. doing this for me helped me find a place fast during my busy schedule."

Sergio O - Long Beach, CA
1 November 2014

" first helped me by educating me on the areas I was looking in and what they were like, we were able to narrow my search down to where I would get precise listings from them based on this. I would then pick out the ones I wanted to see and they would contact the property manager and arrange it for me. Overall this was a very timely service with great follow up. I found a place very fast once this was in place."

Frances R - Los Angeles, CA
3 November 2014

"I needed a section 8 rental and was really having a hard time finding listings. I signed up with for help, they found listings for me and kept me updated as apartments came available. This worked and I was able to find a place thanks to them."

Gregory R - Los Angeles, CA
28 October 2014

"I had no idea a service this good existed out there. I already recommended it to family. did all the hunting work for me and provided listings of my choice at least twice weekly. I always received feed back whenever I contacted them either through email or follow up phone calls. Their quick listings and prompt attention really helped me swiftly find a place."

Terese H - Perris, CA
12 August 2014

"I tried out to get help with my search for an apartment. I found their support agents to be very accessible and fast any time I called and needed help. They were on top of listings per my criteria and gave me lots of options I wasn't able to find before. I ended up quickly finding a nice place in Inglewood with their help. "

Victor V - San Diego, CA
16 October 2014

" helped me find a place that would allow me to have my dog. I hadn't been able to find anywhere that would let you have a dog and had been looking forever. Once I signed up with them, they researched places and spoke to the Property Managers to negotiate having the dog on my behalf. I now have a great place that accepts dogs. Thanks!"

Andrew H - Long Beach, CA
6 October 2014

"The apartment helped me get was right in the area I wanted. The quick response time from helped the most because I was in a hurry and they got me listings customized to my request right away and followed up to ensure I had what I needed. I have already passed on recommendations to one of my friends who is now getting service. "

Troy M - Los Angeles, CA
16 September 2014

"I signed up with Rental Sweets to get help finding a Studio in Long Beach. One of the first listings they sent was already taken by the time I checked it out, but then they got me more listings with the same property and that worked out great. I also needed the listings pre-screened for exact credit qualifications, which they did for me. This was very useful and a good time saver."

Sean F - Santa Clarita CA
22 September 2014

"I signed up with to get help searching for rental listings because I am pushed for time. I found a beautiful home in a gated community with their help. I put them to work with my requirements and received extremely attentive and fast service. I just signed up on the 16th of September and already found a place!"

Erick M - Rose Hill NC
3 September 2014

"I got into a place in Long Beach that RentalSweets helped me find. They sent links to the places and gave me the costs, let me know the layout and look of the place so I could tell if it matched my requests. The place I finally got was a good fit and close to the school I wanted to be near. The emails from them with links helped out a lot. I originally had lists and lists of places to call myself, but once I got RentalSweet's service that was all I needed. I was getting listings that fit and they were doing all the work. "

Heather A. San Luis Obispo, CA
20 August 2014

"I signed up for RentalSweets to get help in finding a place. Prior to working with them, I had spent a lot of time searching multiple websites, but wasn't finding anything. They helped me by finding listings I couldn't find myself on line. The customer service was thorough with his help and guidance he provided. He was able to send me emails about each apartment along with many pictures in order for me to weed out the places that were not the right fit. I have recommended their service to friends already it helped so much."

Chris T. - Altadena CA
7 August 2014

"Rental Sweets helped me by sending me multiple places to skim through frequently. The speed of getting these listings as soon as they came out was extremely helpful. Also once I learned how to use the web site it was easy to navigate and check on things on my own when ever I wanted. The combination of the two gave me everything I needed to find a place."

Violeta G - Burbank CA
5 August 2014

" really helped with listings that had plenty of opportunity for appointments so I could see the places and decide if I wanted them. Their service on sending listings constantly really was a time saver for me. I didn't have to drive around looking or look at listings that may or may not be available. They only sent listings that were available and set appointments for me so I could just go look. That was is the biggest help and time savings right there. - "

Jay W - Manhattan Beach CA
14 Jun 2014

"I signed up with RentalSweets to see how things would go on finding a rental just a little over two weeks ago. They really helped me by finding listings that weren't on craig'slist or any other listing site I had tried. I really appreciated the personal service with emails sent to me of listings in my price range as soon as they came out. So I give them a definite thumbs up! "

Jodi L. Los Angeles, CA
19 May 2014

"I was able to get into my dream apartment with a patio, pool, spa, fireplace and an in unit washer and dryer. RentalSweets helped me get listings I wasn't able to get on my own and I loved that RentalSweets was able to customize searches for me so I was able to find all the things I wanted to have in my apartment. I am already recommending them to family. "

Thomas L - Newport Coast CA
14 May 2014

"Rental Sweets provided all the listings to me and scheduled the appointments for me, which really helped save me a lot of time and effort finding listings I was looking for. I found that Rental Sweets made sure they got my exact criteria did a great job of sending me listings that had everything in them I required. "

Narbeh A - Glendale CA
30 Dec 2013

"I tried out Rental Sweets to find an apartment for rent and they got me very very good listings that helped me find it fast. I really needed this kind of help with my busy schedule. I am passing on the time left on my membership to someone else now."

Christopher M. Carlsbad, CA
January 3, 2014

"RentalSweets helped me find a home in a real short amount of time. I really think this was due to their dedication to their customers with constant updated listings provided plus a phone call to let you know they are there. I found their site a little hard to navigate at first when I would put in my criteria only because it seemed backwards to me, but once they showed me how it went, every thing was good. "

Kisha K. Seattle, WA
January 6, 2014

"When I signed up with Rental Sweets I had no idea they were going to make the process so easy for me. They do all the leg work, all I had to do is go to the appointments they made at the places for rent and decide if I wanted it or not. "

Ashley R. Inglewood, CA
January 23, 2014

"I used RentalSweets to find a rental and when I started I had a little difficulty navigating the site but they were very helpful on getting this sorted out, after that RentalSweets found a lot of listings for me and they were very prompt and detailed with what I wanted. Overall I am very pleased with the service. "

Terri P. Chatsworth, CA
January 27, 2014

"I just looked at on YELP and I really don't understand why the reviews are like they are. It seems all but one good review was taken down, you can view down ones if you want to, but I am sure most don't. My review I am having posted on their site. These guys were 100% on top of things until I found something. I am busy and they just did all the work for me. I hope people get to see this and realize YELP is not accurate. "

Maria C. San Ysidro, CA
January 14, 2014

"Rental Sweets got me the listings as they came available and I was able to find a four bedroom home. The communication and follow up is excellent and it helped greatly in my search. Good Service! "

Darrell G. Montebello, CA
December 16, 2013

"Rental Sweets gave me listings that appealed to exactly what my needs were, all the work was done and good listings just came to me. Not having to spend hours looking on sites but instead just getting everything all perfectly filtered out for me was excellent service. "

Patrick L. Arcadia CA
19 Nov 2013

"RentalSweets provided a lot of listings to look at using our criteria and kept in touch to ensure we got them. Their constant involvement was appreciated and best part of their service."

Anna L Pasadena, CA
20 Nov 2013

"RentalSweet's service was so professional with updated listings received by me many times a week along with follow up calls. They always listened to my requests on what I wanted to rent where other services I tried would just give me access to everything and I had to find things per my criteria amongst a mass of listings and I definitely didn't get a call to see if I found what I was looking for or trying to help me from any other service!"

Naythem N. San Diego CA
14 Nov 2013

"I found a place in San Diego I wanted. Rental Sweets pretty much kept up with me every other day with new listings and checking in on me. This was really helpful. I appreciate this most about the company."

Christopher N. San Diego CA
November 8, 2013

"We found a place in Ocean Beach. My wife and I had been flipping through Zillow, craigslist, driving around, etc. but couldn't find anything. Then RentalSweets sent us listings on the first day they came out and THAT is the reason we were able to find what we were looking for. One other person had looked at the place we got prior to us and they didn't qualify. We got it right after them and it is exactly where we wanted it to be. "

Lusine P. North Hollywood CA
October 25, 2013

"Rental Sweets was extremely helpful in my search for a home. They sent me a lot of listings plus called to check if I saw anything I wanted or liked so they could narrow down the search. There were a lot of places I wasn't familiar with and Rental Sweets sent me information so I could clearly see what the area was like and decide on things. The service was excellent, they never gave up no matter what my search criteria was or no matter my mood ( I had some of those kind of days that were not good where others would have been put off, but they were there for me) Rental Sweets, always made sure I was happy with the listings I got and that they were what I was looking for with very good follow up, always on top of things. I ended up finding a town home exactly like I wanted. I have already recommended Rental Sweets to family and friends and they are going to use the service as well. "

Aracely G. Littleton, CO
18 October 2013

"RentalSweets helped us find a house. The one we got into was the very first one on the list of rentals they provided. I really appreciated them taking time to give me a call on the listings uploaded to me as they came available for rent and ensuring it was what I wanted. I liked how things were exactly per my criteria the most, this expedited things for us greatly. "

Kimberly V. West Hollywood, CA
23 Sep 2013

"I found an apartment with a washer dryer in the unit and it is exactly in the neighborhood I wanted. Rental Sweets was on top of things all the time with new updated listings for me. The best thing about the service was the hands on support I got, they would make appointments, help me several times a week with updated listings and check availability with landlords and property managers for me. I want everyone out there to know that this type of service exists for them. gives you access to listings but they ALSO search listings for you per your criteria, call on them for you and basically do all the leg work. Thank you!"

Deborah R. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
27 Aug 2013

"Rental Sweets was very beneficial with listings and phone calls, this was helpful because time was of the essence and the phone calls letting me know I had listings to view made it so I was checking them quickly. I don't always check emails, so these phone calls made a big difference in speed and allowed me to get catch things before they were taken. I highly recommend Rental Sweets and I have already recommended them to my brother. "

Monika K. Colton, CA
August 26, 2013

"Rental Sweets helped me figure out the area I wanted to live in by showing me listings of many properties, including setting up appointments for me) so I could get an idea of what would work best for me. I want to say thank you for always calling to check on how my search is going until I found a place. - "

Ebony B. Los Angeles, CA
July 29, 2013

"I found a 4 bedroom 4 bath house. Rental Sweets service was very helpful including maps of where things are so I could narrow down my search. When ever I would call they would always get back to me quickly and helped me pinpoint the square footage I wanted, location, etc. Without their service I would not have been able to find the house I found. They customized the listing search to fit my needs exactly. I have already recommended them to someone else and I am already using them again for another search I need to do for my family."

Jennifer P. Bellevue, Nebraska
19 Aug 2013

"found a four bedroom short term rental that Rental Sweets referred me to first. This was a hard one to find since we needed a short term rental and I needed to find it quick before my husband arrived from the military. Rental Sweets provided me with the listings immediately as soon as they became available so I would have a very good chance of getting them. They also followed up with me throughout the week to ensure I had listings to make progress with. Great help! "

Cyndi T. Chula Vista CA
July 29, 2013

"We are very happy with this service. RentalSweets was very responsive and consistently checked up on how we were doing on our search. RentalSweets Customer Support reviewed our search with us and ensured they got listings to us exactly per our needs. We ended up finding a four bedroom 3 bath house in the same month we started looking with the service. "

Jeralyn J. San Diego CA
July 24, 2013

"I found a one bedroom through RentalSweets for my son who is relocating from New York and it is only 10 blocks from work, he is thrilled. This is the second time I have used RentalSweets. The service is wonderful with follow up calls and a nice personal touch of listings customized to our needs. I am about to use the service a third time to help someone else. It is that good!"

Cindy M. San Francisco CA
30 July 2013

"RentalSweets made all the phone calls to properties for me to check availability and had consistent follow up. Every and any time I needed help with a listing RentalSweets answered and were very responsive with great service. They even had back up listings ready for me in case my lease process didn't go through. Good job, thanks!"

Donato L Framingham MA
18 July 2013

" was very helpful with the possibilities for rental that they sent us. We got some very good options there. I would recommend this service to others and if I were to look again, I would use them. "

Dennis C. Sacramento, CA
22 Jul 2013

" service gave me a lot of options to look at. They helped me very much especially in narrowing down my search and figuring out where I wanted to live. I was so pleased that I recommended to a friend of mine who used the service and she got in to a place already too. This service was better for me than listing services I have used in the past such as because of the personal care and follow up. Thank you!"

Jeralyn J. San Diego CA
17 Jul 2013

"I just found a 2 bedroom condo close to the beach. The personal touch from Rental Sweets was excellent doing everything from finding listings for me and walking me through, appointments, etc. The timing was so good, the second the listing I ended up renting came out, it was given to me by RentalSweets and I got there first. The rentals have been going very fast so this timing was very important. I am already using the service again for another family member. "

Syeda I. Fresno CA
11 June 2013

" services were the most helpful I have ever had. They made sure I had listings for the areas I l was interested in, verified availability for me on the ones I asked about and made appointments for me to see the properties. It was so helpful, I felt like I had someone there to help me at all the times and never felt like I was alone in the process. I highly recommend their service to anyone who is trying to find a place to rent. They will go the extra mile for you."

Rachel M. Northridge CA
21 June 2013

"RentalSweets is the best service you can get for helping you find a rental. We found a 3 bedroom house with their help. Their searches were were customized to our needs and made it fast to find a place. We have recommended them to others already."

David C. Sunnyvale CA
24 May 2013

"RentalSweets helped me find an apartment in Torrance. The place I got was listed on RentalSweets and they sent me an email to let me know it was there. The frequent phone calls and emails from them to update me on my search really helped me out and were very timely. A lot of moving is going on in California right now and I will definitely use this service again when I am looking for another place in the future."

Sarah B. Washington DC
18 Jun 2013

"I signed up for Rental Sweets to find a place in Santa Monica. They called the listing agents for me and checked availability on the properties I was interested in. This made the process a lot less stressful for me. The best thing about this service is Rental Sweets narrowed everything down for me exactly per my criteria where other services like Westside Rentals, send you everything in the area you are looking in. While what Westside Rentals does is good it is much more time consuming. I found that Rental Sweets took care of all the time consuming processes for me down to even making an appointment to view a property if I asked for it. The other thing that Rental Sweets does is let you transfer your subscription to someone else if you still have time left on it. They actually ask for the person you want to transfer it to so they can put their name in the system and help them."

Oswald C. Culver City, CA.
28 May 2013

"I got an apartment in West LA. Rental Sweets was very helpful, I got the listings I needed quickly and they were customized to my needs. They were on top of things for me confirming that the places I wanted to view were available and everything. I have already recommended them to someone else and would definitely use their service again. Thanks! "

Penny J. Pasadena ,CA
Tue,14th May 2013 13:15:00

"I found a two story house. Rental Sweets was very good about following up with me to ensure I had listings I needed and that I found a place. This was above and beyond."

Gina O. Los Angeles,CA
Thu,9th May 2013 17:15:00

"I spent $60 so I could find a place and it was worth it. What I liked about Rental Sweet's service is you had a great update in there so every time I got in there I knew exactly what the status was. This meant I didn't have to waste time calling landlords asking is it still available. There was a great percentage of landlords to talk to out of my search so that was outstanding and I enjoyed that feature very much. When I spoke to Rental Sweets on the phone, I was actually able to have a conversation with someone and figure out my needs. I had Westside Rentals before and it is different, they will give you listings but that's it you have to do all the work. Rental Sweets will help you with appointments and check availability so that was really cool."

Jackie M. La Puente CA
Wed,2nd May 2013 17:34:00

"We got a 5 bedroom house in Azuza. RentalSweets made everything very convenient for us by working with us over the phone and email on what ever we needed. They even text with us."

Travis C. Smithfield UT
Wed,1st May 2013 15:53:00

"We found a Condo. Rental Sweets gave us a lot of options and gave us the exact service needed while we were juggling all the hassles of coming to a new city. They found apartments per our criteria and made SURE they were available so we didn't waste time."

Karina C. Yucaipa CA
Tue,23rd Apr 2013 14:44:00

"I found a 1 bedroom apartment quickly through RentalSweets sending me listings I needed per my criteria and ensuring they were available. This was excellent service."

Tomas L. S. Studio City
Tue,30th Apr 2013 10:12:00

"I found a house using Rental Sweet's website the best thing about the service is follow up from Support was great. I would use this service again if I needed to find a place in the future."

Donald K. Everson
Thu,25th Apr 2013 12:12:00

"I found an apartment in Santa Monica California. Rental Sweets made it very easy to go over the listings and even though I have 12 hour working days, I was able to fit in looking due to this ease and find a place in two days. Thank you!"

Justin M. San Francisco
Thu,18th Apr 2013 13:13:00

"I got a Duplex in Santa Monica with a short term lease that allows pets. This is a difficult criteria but, Rental Sweets found places for me, made appointments for me and helped me get in. I just wanted to say thank you for such awesome live person help! "

Ann C. Fresno
Tue,26th Mar 2013 17:14:00

"We found a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house. Rental Sweets helped by providing the listings on line for me to search per my criteria. I looked on other sites but found this on Rental Sweets and I don't think I would have found it otherwise because the service was customized to my needs. "

Randi M. Manhattan Beach
Tue,5th Mar 2013 12:32:00

" provided me with lists per the criteria that I established with them and helped me with appointments with managers. They really listened to my needs and wants and helped me find good matches to what I was looking for. I would definitely use their service again if I need to search for a place. "

Renee M. Fontana
Wed,27th Feb 2013 13:38:00

"I found an apartment in Eagle Rock. Rental Sweets put me on the path to find the apartment with the listing provided. Their diligent follow up calls really helped me a lot, especially so I didn't miss out on anything that came available. The service was fantastic and I will use this service again if I need to find another place."

Arik F. Encino
Thu,7th Feb 2013 17:16:00

"I got a 3 Bedroom 2 bath. I saw listings I wanted on the Rental Sweets site, called about them and was able to get appointments and into one I wanted right away. The service was fast and customized to my needs. I will be passing this service on to a friend or family member that really needs it."

Lisa S. Los Angeles
Thu,31st Jan 2013 16:36:00

"Rental Sweets helped me find a home that takes pets like I wanted. They were a tremendous assistance with all the different city options they found me and making the appointments for me. The best was the constant communication and follow up when I asked for something. Thank you Rental Sweets!"

Jeffrey S. Lakewood
Tue,22nd Jan 2013 11:04:00

"Rental Sweets always got back to me when I called and helped me with my listings, I found a 3 bed room house. The best thing about the service was the phone calls and keeping in touch until I found a place. I definitely recommend their service to others."

Antonio M. Culver City
Thu,17th Jan 2013 16:04:00

"Rental Sweets got in touch with each property I was going to look at and made sure it was still available and made the appointments for me. This was a big time saver and help to me. Thanks a Million, you guys kick West Side Rental's butt."

Stefanie S. Sun City
Thu,17th Jan 2013 11:19:00

"I just wanted to Thank Rental Sweets for getting me pointed in the right direction in finding a place in the Santa Monica / Marina Del Rey Area. I was not familiar with what was possible to rent here in my price range. Rental Sweets helped show me this and sent me listings that showed me what is available and what to expect. I still have my subscription through February which is great, I will actually have a chance to try the place I have and if I want to change it I will still have my subscription!"

Gary T. Los Angeles
Wed,9th Jan 2012 13:19:00

"Rental Sweet's service was very helpful, I found a 3Brm 3 Bath right in location I wanted, Rental Sweets helped me make some appointments and view places that worked out very well. I am also happy I can pass on the remaining time on my subscription to someone else. I would sign up in the future if searching again because it is a very cost effective way to search for rentals with being able to pass on my subscription and the live customer support."

Carmen M. Arcadia
Mon,7th Jan 2012 13:05:00

"Just found a 2 bed 2 bath townhome, I felt the service from Rental Sweets was customized to my needs, and I would use the service again when I search in the future. I definitely recommend their hands on service."

Joseph.B Tarzana
Mon, 29 Oct 2012 15:13:00

"I found that RentalSweets made it very convenient to find homes in the area quickly. My favorite thing about the service is the Scouter Map that shows you what is in the area and maps it with the listings I look at. This made things very fast. Rental Sweets has been the quickest live person response service I have ever used, I call and I always get someone to help me. I would definitely use it again."

Bradley P. Long Beach
Fri, 26 Oct 2012 10:47:00

"Rental Sweets gave me listings that were helpful. The service was very easy to use with descirptive steps on how to find housing. I enjoyed the scouter showing what would be in the area I was looking in, that was great. Thanks!"

Alexis B. Los Angeles
Tue, 23 Oct 2012 16:47:00

"I just got into a 1 bedroom apartment with the help of Rental Sweets. They help me by getting a thorough search of what was in the area I was looking in. The one on one time with an actual person was the best thing about the service. I felt it was very personalized. I would definitely use it again if I had to move."

Erick C. Orange
Fri, 10 Oct 2012 14:51:00

"Found an apartment home. Rental Sweets personalized the search to my exact needs so that was really nice, everyone in customer service was very helpful and whenever I called my calls were returned promptly. I will definitely recommend the service to others."

Grant O. Libertyville
Thu, 09 Oct 2012 17:00:00

"I found a two bed room apartment. Rental Sweets quickly got the information for the apartment I needed, I didn’t have the address just the street. They also got me an appointment with the landlord and I got the apartment. When I look for an apartment in the future I will definitely be using Rental Sweets."

Frances S.
Thur, 20 Sep 2012 10:43:00

"I found a studio apartment. Rental Sweets helped me with the pricing of the area. I thought it was a lot more expensive in that area than it was so this helped me find many apartments to choose from there. The representatives are the best and really knowledgeable and helpful."

Jenise L. Los Angeles
Tue, 19 June 2012 14:23:00

" went through my criteria with me and really helped me get perspective on how much I should be paying when I rent. This helped me speed the process up and helped my confidence on what I was getting being correct. I got into a single family rental home. I wish I would have found earlier because they have more listings and better service than other services I paid for in the past such as WestSide Rentals. I am going to use my subscription and the good service of to buy a home next."

David S. Torrance
Mon, 18 June 2012 14:23:00

"I just got an apartment using your service. All the personalized look ups of listings and emailing them to me took a lot of stress off finding the right place. The really solid thing about the service has been the constant follow up and always being there for me when I call or email. You always do what you say you are going to do. The other great feature has is the subscription lasting six months. I am going to use it to get a second home with all the same great service. Thanks!"

Liliana A. Riverside ,Ca
Mon, 4 June 2012 14:26:00

"RentalSweets .com helped me with great listings. Their constant follow up with me has been appreciated. I would recommend service and I am going to pass my subscription on to someone since it is good for a year which is ANOTHER fantastic thing about the service. Thanks!"

Jeanette S. Sacramento,Ca
Mon, 28 May 2012 10:24:00

"I got into a three bedroom home with a beautiful yard in Chatsworth Ca. helped me out by sending me listings and pictures of potential places that really help me select places to call. The thing I liked best was follow-up calls and e-mail keeping me informed which was great, and when I needed something quickly I got it right away. If I had to look for another place I would look for it using Services again."

Veronica C. Rialto,CA
Mon, 21 May 2012 13:36:00

"I found a 4 bedroom 3 bath home I was looking for. After using the listings found for me by, I was able to call many places quickly even though I am very busy selling my current home and this helped a lot. I would not have been able to fit looking for another place into my schedule otherwise. What I liked most about’s service is I could depend on them being there for me whenever I called or emailed them. I felt the service was very personalized and I have already recommended them to my Brother. Thanks again for your help."

Amado G. Harbor City, CA
Thur, 17 May 2012 17:05:00

"My wife and I got a 4 bedroom home with a garage and nice size back yard. helped us by sending emails of listings per our criteria and following up with us. The service was actually very good and without their help we probably wouldn’t have found a place for another month or so. The service was personalized for us and if you are pushed for time and don’t really have time to look yourself, we recommend this service. Thank you so much for your help."

Anna R, North Hills
Tue, 15 May 2012 16:30:00

"My experience with Home or Apartment’s Service has been very good with them being very helpful. They kept follow-up calling me to ensure I got what I needed. I would definitely use this service again if I needed to find another home and I highly recommend them to my friends and family."

Isaac H, Tarzana
Wed, 02 May 2012 10:30:00

"My experience with has been great on getting into a home. They call every couple days, prepare and send customized listings and it has been fast and smooth. If I had it to do all over again I would definitely sign up with them again. It only took about two months to find our place."

Isaac H, Tarzana
Wed, 02 May 2012 10:30:00

"My experience with has been great on getting into a home. They call every couple days, prepare and send customized listings and it has been fast and smooth. If I had it to do all over again I would definitely sign up with them again. It only took about two months to find our place."

Festus A, Hawtorne
Mon, 23 April 2012 14:40:00

"My experience on getting into a home with service has been great. The Customer Support is wonderful and very helpful with follow up calls and emails to make sure everything is going well. The listings were customized for me and they ensured I got them and updated them for me constantly. I highly recommend them to my friends and family."

Karina C, Montebello
Wed, 07 Mar 2012 16:00:00

"At first I was hesitant on purchasing the service but after finding our new apartment and after all the personalized services we've got, I can say that it was worth it. I highly recommend and I will continue to use the service in hope of finding a house this time! Happy searching everyone! Karina"

Jason G, Sherman Oaks
Mon, 25 July 2011 19:17:00

"I used when I needed to find a place quick. I didn't have time to look on my own since I work full time and was very specific about what I needed. The customer service team at was always available and understood my need to find a home quickly. I received updates on open properties fitting my needs almost every day and they would not stop until I was matched with the right property. I'm happy to say they found me the perfect town home and I could not be more pleased with the job they did for me. I look forward to working with them in the future if I ever leave this gorgeous property!"

Elven G, Woodland Hills
Thu, 14 Jul 2011

"I have been a member of RentalSweets less than 2 weeks and already my membership has been well worth the investment. The first phone call I made to RentalSweets was a very pleasant experience. Your representative during that call was very informative explaining the benefits of membership in a very understandable and concise manner. I lead a very busy life style and am also quite busy at work and thus sometimes somewhat difficult to contact. Your customer service representatives were diligent in their efforts to contact me until I had time to work with them on walking me through navigating RentalSweets's website and understanding how to use your services to best suit my needs. Within just a few hours I was furnished with a customized list of rental properties that met my criteria, needs and in the area I wanted to move to. I was saved the time, efforts and frustrations of searching multiple local papers, circulars, other publications and web sites looking for a place to live. Once I selected a property from the list you furnished me with I called the landlord and within 8 hours I viewed the property, signed a rental agreement and had the keys to my new apartment. Thanks for all of your help. I now look forward to using my membership in the not too distant future to find a property to purchase."

Gates A, Canyon Country
Wed, 29 June 2011

"I found an apartment that was about $200 less monthly then anything I was finding using normal online resources. You guys saved me about $2400 over the course of my lease.I am very happy with the service, and will continue to use it as I am looking for an investment property :)"

Emylia G, Portland
Wed, 29 June 2011

"My husband and I just moved into an amazing townhouse that we found using The search options were so easy to use, and customer service was always ready to help. The custom search tailored to our preferences, and saved us so much money by not having to hire a realtor! The next time we move we will definitely utilize these services again!"

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